January Video Update

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Greetings!  Once again our video update comes from the Moscow area where we had the joy of participating in the dedication of the new church building in Shahovskaya.  It was a wonderful time of praising God, testimonies, preaching, food and fellowship.  Every square inch of the building was packed with people.  A truly wonderful event. Afterward, I had the occasion to visit with Pastor Peter Rumachik in his home.  I had recently searched our archives and found the first few issues of our newsletter the Challenger which we began publishing in 1983.  The very first issue contained an article about brother Peter who had just been re-sentenced to another 5 year term without every being released.  Back then one of the major thrusts of our newsletter was to inform Christians about the believers in the Soviet Union who were in prison for Christ and encourage them to pray for them and write letters in their behalf to various authorities.  We never thought we would meet any of these hero's of the faith except in glory.   It was a blessing to present these early newsletters to brother Peter and translate for him what they said.  A big smile swept across his face when I translated a part where people were saying it was not likely he would survive his current term.  Praise God almost 35 years later he is still serving God while many of his persecutors went on to meet their fate. This video update is from this meeting in brother Peter's home.  It is longer than what we usually send out but this was a special moment, especially for those of you who know Pastor Peter.