BIEMs of Light February 2017

Praises Rejoice with us!

  • The pastor of a church planted by BIEM in Russia is excited at the way the Lord has gotten ahold of his son’s heart who has been a subject of much prayer.   The young man, who is in his twenties, devoured almost half the Bible in January and eagerly wants to be baptized.
  • Celebrations! The church in Desna, Ukraine, is now celebrating 14 years since their founding, and this past Sunday the church in Ternopil, Ukraine, celebrated the end of a decade of renting facilities as they praised God for their newly refurbished auditorium.

  • BIEM missionary Igor Balashov and an evangelistic team recently completed a 2-month journey in which they evangelized with small churches across Russia deep into Siberia. At one point their vehicle broke down, and they had to send away for parts, so they interpreted this as God’s will to continue evangelizing where they were. Praise God for workers for the harvest, and praise Him for salvation decisions resulting from this trip!
  • Praise God for an excellent Winter session of our seminary in Kiev with 45 students!  This is a great number for a Winter session.  Nine students from the war zone in the East were able to attend.

PrayerPray with us!

  • At this writing, Nikolai Ryzhuk is once again in the Far North of Russia, where he and another brother are traveling by snowmobile through extreme cold to distant villages for evangelism and to fortify believers. Please pray for them during this dangerous trip.
  • One BIEM missionary couple in a predominantly Muslim land happily report a number of new visitors at the worship services they hold in their home. A few guests who considered them believers due to membership in the Russian Orthodox church expressed amazement at the Bible truths they learned, and have come back. Please pray that the Gospel will illumine the hearts and minds of these listeners and bring repentance and trust in Christ.
  • Using Bible studies and other activities, the Tuttles in the Republic of Georgia have had opportunities to share the Gospel with both men and women who don’t attend church. Please pray for these folks, too, to understand and embrace the Good News of salvation.
  • One of our Ukrainian church planting couples, Vitaly and Alona Yurchenko will be visiting churches in the United States this month.  Please pray for journeying mercies and for God’s blessings on these meetings which will be in the Midwest and Colorado.