July Video Update

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Dear Pastors and Friends,

Hello once again from the Slobodians! 

This month's video update features the testimony of Bogdan who was saved at the Drug and Alcohol rehab center in Fastiv, Ukraine that we featured in our May video update. In that video we mention the need for replacing the roof on their building which serves as the church, the rehab center, and the parsonage. 

We praise God for supplying the funds for this need. After Bogdan's testimony, you will see a few pictures of the work underway while listening to Pastor Vadim's family singing a song which proclaims the necessity of living with the Lord.  Pastor Vadim and his wife Luba have 7 children.

We know you will be blessed by Bogdan's story who one day stopped in the street he was at and in desperation called out to God for help. Almost immediately, God sent someone to his home who invited him to this Center where he was saved and grew in Lord. Today, Bogdan directs this ministry. 

Praise God for His saving grace and redeeming power! 

In Christ, 

Sam & Amy Slobodian


May Video Update

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Dear Pastors and Friends,

Hello from the Slobodians!  Thank you for taking the time to view our monthly video update.  We thank God for all those who are interested in and pray for our ministry.

This month's video comes from Fastiv, Ukraine and features the Philadelphia Baptist Church and Rehabilitation Center.   Vadim who started this ministry was one of the first converts of the church BIEM planted years ago in this city. His conversion from a life of crime and addiction was so dramatic that it made a huge impact in the community, and many others were saved as a result.

Eventually Vadim married Luba, the pastor's daughter and sister of Eugene, our Ukrainian director that many of you may be acquainted with.  Therefore this church is a 2nd generation church plant which operates a very successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry.  They need to replace their roof which is constantly leaking.  Please pray about this need which will cost $5,000.

In Christ,
Sam & Amy Slobodian


July Video Update

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Praise God for the wonderful privilege of serving Him together with you in spreading the glorious Gospel to a needy world.

This month's video update comes from western Ukraine where church planter Vitaly Bilyak operates a Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab center outside the city of Ternopil where their church is located.  This ministry had a pressing need for a vehicle since it was taking the men 2 1/2 hours to travel to church through a combination of walking and public transportation.  One of our recent projects was to raise funds for a vehicle to meet this need.  

Praise God that, when this project was shared in the churches that Vitaly recently visited, this need was met!  In this video, brother Vitaly expresses gratefulness for this great blessing for the ministry.


Buildings for God's Glory

In 2015, BIEM took on a record number of building projects overseas. Some projects involve building from the ground up, and others are pre-existing buildings that have been purchased to refurbish for the Lord’s work. Join us in praising God for these opportunities!

Currently BIEM is active in seven projects involving buildings in 5 different countries—Ukraine, Russia, the Republic of Georgia, Peru, and an undisclosed location in Central Asia. Four of these projects are church-building programs, one is a Christian Drug and Rehabilitation Center for men, and the last is Soroon (“Be Comforted”), a Christian shelter for abused women and their children.

We are amazed and thrilled as God has both opened the doors for each of these wonderful opportunities and provided the resources to launch these projects. Each building has great potential for reaching souls for Christ and becoming a beacon of light and hope in the needy communities where they are located.

Up to this point, BIEM had been involved in 44 building programs overseas. These six projects will bring the total to 50 overseas building projects for the Lord’s glory. Praise God! It is amazing that God would lead BIEM in such an expansion of building projects when our economy here in the United States is so weak. When the economy of a support base fares poorly, human reasoning wouldn’t expect such giving. However, God is not limited by human reasoning. We praise Him for prompting friends to give and support such wonderful opportunities.

Also noteworthy, in the fields where BIEM is working, the value of the dollar has risen dramatically compared to local currencies despite our struggling U.S. economy. As a result, each dollar stretches further than a short time ago, which helps greatly when purchasing building materials or paying for specialized construction work.  

Therefore, you friends who invest in these building programs are receiving a tremendous value for each dollar you contribute. Funds are still needed, though. Can you help to push these efforts to completion?

Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ, for helping us to create “light houses” of the Gospel!


Church in Bilogorodka, Ukraine

Currently under construction, this church building has a full basement, a first and second floor, plus an attic level. The basement will be used to house seminary students as well as temporary lodging for conference and mission groups.

When this project began, the population of Bilogorodka was 30,000. However, large housing developments are underway. Since the beginning of church construction, Bilogorodka’s population has already grown by 5,000, and the projected population is up to 120,000. Many new residents will live in the vicinity of the church. BIEM’s Ukrainian director, Eugene Buyko, will be the church planter of this new work.


Church in Ternopil, Ukraine

Apartment buildings surround this former store/café. The church’s program for children has doubled in attendance since it began holding children’s meetings in the new location. The building features a main level auditorium, restrooms, a kitchen, and classrooms. A roomy basement level with separate entrance offers area for more classrooms, much space to store BIEM humanitarian-aid shipments, plus a room suitable for youth outreach. Refurbishing and remodeling continue. The church has also contracted an architect to design a possible new façade/entrance to set apart the church from similar buildings. BIEM missionary Vitaly Bilyak shepherds this congregation.


Church in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Georgian National Lasha Siradze and BIEM missionary Micah Tuttle lead this ministry. From the outside, the building may not impress. Yet, it’s in the middle of a square through which pedestrians constantly walk. Some 300,000 people dwell in the surrounding area. The inside has been renovated and is being used for church services. Plans are underway to give the exterior a facelift as well.


Church in Shakhovskaya, Russia

Peter Rumachik is spearheading the church plant in Shakhovskaya, Russia. He has recruited an experienced church planter who grew up with his sons and other younger preachers. Families from the mother church in Moscow will form the nucleus of this church. (The mother church is pastored by Benjamin Khorev, son of the famous prisoner of faith Mikhail Khorev, who is with the Lord.) The fact that Shakhovskaya sits along one of the electric-train lines spreading out from Moscow gives this community easy access to the capital.


Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, Ternopil, Ukraine

Following the September 30, 2014 fire in the residence portion of the Rehabilitation Center, repairs continue as time and finances permit. Simultaneously, the formerly long-range enhancements to the space over the shop were sped up to provide emergency accommodations that have met the current need. After the main residence is completed and again habitable, the living quarters over the shop will revert to their original purpose of providing temporary lodging for men who have successfully completed the rehabilitation program but as yet have no other home.


Soroon Shelter for Abused Women, Central Asia

Much progress has been accomplished in repairing and remodeling since the purchase of the building that has become the Soroon Women’s Shelter in Central Asia. The facility now houses battered women with children. However, some work remains to be done: The roof needs to be repaired (rainwater drips into the building); the windows need replacing; and because the front door does not shut tightly, it needs to be replaced with a security door to better protect the women residents. In addition, the property should have a security fence. As it is, men walking past look into the yard and can easily observe the women when they are gardening, etc.



BIEM Sends a Van on the Container of Humanitarian Aid


In September 2007, BIEM sent another container overseas to Ukraine.  This container shipment however was different from all rest.  For months the ministry in Ukraine has been in need of a van to replace the old blue Dodge Ram van shipped overseas years ago.  This was no easy task as special equipment and expertise were needed to accomplish a safe and effective way to transport the van to Ukraine.  Praise God for those who donated their time, equipment and strength to help get this container out to those in need.  We have seen God use donated clothing and items over and over again to open peoples hearts to the Gospel.