BIEMs of Light September 2018

Praises Rejoice with us!

  • Earlier, we shared that BIEM had received a $2,500 matching-funds offer toward the $5,000 cost of replacing the roof of a building in Fastiv, Ukraine, that houses both a church and a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Praise God, donors provided the needed funds—plus an extra $1,000, which was needed for a cost overrun!

  • Sam and Amy Slobodian just returned from some Ukrainian summer camps. A highlight was that a good number of parents visited the local church for the first time. BIEM missionaries and volunteers conduct over 20 camps overseas each summer, with over 2,000 children and youth attending. Over 60% of the children are unchurched. So, these outreaches contact new families, resulting in souls being saved!

  • In Central Asia, a Muslim woman hired to cook at a Christian wedding heard the Gospel and saw the changed lives of believers. Through this wedding, she placed her faith in Christ!

  • This month, BIEM is pleased to host several national missionaries. These men will visit churches in the U.S., including a special missions conference where all the missionaries will be BIEM church planters. They will also help to load our next 40-foot container, which will be shipped to Ukraine. May these godly men be a blessing in each place!

Prayer Pray with us!

  • This fall, BIEM missionaries in Ukraine will organize special meetings for the widows in their communities. Other special services will be for needy children. The services will share the Gospel, and each widow will receive a Bible, plus a bag of groceries. Each child will receive a “care package.” The widows’ services will be in churches; the children’s meetings will be in orphanages. A minimum of $6,000 is needed for the items to be distributed. We hope to raise $12,000. Pray for this need and for the souls of listeners.

  • Praise God for the great turn out of 80 people for Vitaly Bilyak’s family camp in Western Ukraine. 40% of the families were unchurched. Pray for the follow-up efforts.

  • September 11 is the loading date for BIEM’s next container of aid to Eastern Europe. God’s bountiful supply includes 4 pianos, 200 folding chairs, 30 tables, 600 new winter coats, medical supplies, plus donated clothing. There are also gardening tools and equipment for our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Please pray for safe loading, and for our Ukrainian workers, who face the huge task of clearing everything for humanitarian purposes so the shipment is duty-free.

  • In Yucay, Peru, church planter Juan Bautist Huillca asks that we pray for musical instruments for their church. Among these, the greatest need is for a piano.