September Video Update

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Dear Pastors and Friends,

Warm greetings in Christ!

This month's video update comes from our headquarters in Indiana where we have just finished loading another 40 foot container.  This container is heading to Ternopil in Western Ukraine where our church planters in Western Ukraine will distribute the goods.

Church items such as tables, chairs, desks, pianos and other musical instruments will be used in the new church plants. The gardening equipment, tools, furniture and exercise equipment will be used in the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. The clothing and medical supplies will be distributed to the needy in the church and in the community.  Some items that are designated for ministries in central Ukraine will be transported there.

In this video you will hear from Eugene Buyko and Igor Fomichov who are with us right now speaking at a missions conference at our home church in which all the speakers are BIEM Ukrainian church planters.

In Christ, 

Sam & Amy Slobodian