Urgent Prayer Request

An Answer To Prayer:

Thank you for praying for our missionary and Pastor Almond's family. God has given some wonderful answers. For the first time ever the school where Samar attended (actually a Christian organization), held the funeral on their premises. The principal gave the sermon, and teachers gave testimonies. It was amazing and avoided conflicts with the rest of the community.

Our missionary reports they are getting to share the Gospel everywhere. People ask him why is he back so soon, and he tells them about Samar and gets to witness. Pastor Almond, when getting condolences from non-Christian neighbors ("We hope Allah will accept him"), gets to tell them his son is already in heaven because of what Jesus did for him. It is a powerful time for the Good News.

Our missionary has been sick and needs our prayers. He will be returning to the U.S. in 6 days. Pastor Almond's family is still in shock but surrounded by loving, caring Christians. They will have very hard days ahead when they realize this is not just a nightmare, but they have lost their precious son for the rest of their earthly lives. Please pray for them as you have opportunity.

Original Prayer Request:

Tragedy has stuck Pastor Almond’s family.  His middle son, 17 year old Samir, died from electrocution while connecting a water hose to wash the family car. Our BIEM missionary, is flying back with Pastor Almond’s oldest son who is here for college.  Samir had just accepted the Lord as his Savior at the Teen Camp which our missionary conducted recently.  The family is devastated.  Now there is a huge threat from the Muslim community.  It seems they are planning to cause problems at the funeral because Samir was a Christian.  

Please pray for traveling mercies for our missionary and Pastor Almond’s oldest son.  Ask God to comfort and sustain the family and other believers.  Pray for a peaceful funeral.  Also pray the Gospel will be proclaimed during this time and others will be saved.  Your prayers are so needed and greatly appreciated by all.