BIEMs of Light June 2016

Praises Rejoice with us!


  • In May, the church in Drogichin, Belarus, celebrated their 10-year anniversary by holding evangelistic tent meetings. Praise God, souls came forward to repent and get right with God. Afterward, each of them received the gift of a Bible.
  • A believing soldier named Vanya is serving at the military base in Desna, Ukraine. He enlisted specifically to witness to other men in the army. Each Sunday he brings one or two new men to services where BIEM missionary Igor Fomichov preaches. Igor thanks God for Vanya and asks that we pray for God’s blessing on this man, through whom souls have found Christ!
  • In the Republic of Georgia, BIEM missionary Vitaly Bilyak was able to visit a number of Georgian men who had once been alcoholics, but who found Christ during rehabilitation in Ukraine. Vitaly rejoices that all these men still attend church and live faithfully for the Lord. They have even begun their own Rehabilitation Center in their own country!
  • Praise God for $40,000 matching funds made available to BIEM for church building programs underway in Ternopil and Bilogorodka, Ukraine as well as in Shahovskaya, Russia near Moscow.  This opportunity and the dollars strength in these areas makes this a great investment.  Please pray that these matching funds will come in.


PrayerPray with us!

  • We are grateful that many of God’s people have responded to the need for summer camp funds and provided donations. However, this is still a matter for prayer, since we are $9,500 short, and the camping season is about to begin. Thanks for praying and for giving!
  • Even as we prepare this sheet, another evangelistic expedition to the Far North of Russia is about to begin. Please pray for the salvation of souls and spiritual growth of believers who live in those hard-to-reach places. 
  • In a Muslim land, a BIEM missionary named Sasha requests prayer for a number of people who have been attending services and listening with interest. However, at least a couple of young ladies openly doubt that it’s possible to live a holy life in modern Muslim society, which is so filled with sin. Pray for the Lord to touch their hearts and strengthen their fledgling faith.
  • In Fedorivka, Ukraine, BIEM missionary Mikhail Titarenko requests prayer for a Christian woman named Galya and her non-believing husband. Although Galya sincerely loves the Lord, the husband drinks, is sometimes violent, and doesn’t even like for Galya to attend church, which leaves him alone to care for her elderly mother. Please pray for this husband’s salvation.