BIEMs of Light October 2017

Praises Rejoice with us!

  • Through our Hear It Now! ministry, over 5,000 mp3 players have been distributed throughout Central Asia. These little electronic players carry the Good News, including the New Testament in their language, Old Testament lessons, songs, and testimonies by their own people. We receive reports of Muslims trusting Jesus as Savior every month. Praise God for using technology to reach restricted countries where Christianity is greatly suppressed!
  • On October 14 we will be loading a forty-foot container bound for Ukraine. Praise God for all the donated items we have received for this shipment, which include a complete set of pews, 350 folding chairs, a pulpit, and 60 tables. Along with clothing, medical supplies and sports equipment, these items will be a great blessing for new churches in Ukraine. Please pray that the loading goes well.
  • In Russia, what began as one Christian rehabilitation center has now grown to a network of 11 such centers. Over 2,000 have received help, and at least 400 former addicts now lead a sober, God-honoring lifestyle. Thank God this ministry continues!
  • In the Fontibón district of Bogotá, Colombia, church planter William Suarez held a children’s event. “We were able to preach to many people. A number of children who attended were saved, and their parents also heard the Gospel.” May God water the seed’s sown in hearts!

Prayer Pray with us!

  • Please pray for someone to help us create mobile apps for our Hear It Now! ministry to Central Asia. Our Central Asian workers have ideas but not the technical knowledge needed.
  • On October 13-14 in Ukraine, a 4th “Bible Quest” will be held, with 120 teens participating. This event requires in-depth study of God’s Word, plus specific actions, such as going into the community to share the Gospel with someone and invite that person to church. Please pray for God’s blessing on this outreach that more workers for the harvest would be produced.
  • In a Muslim land where women have no refuge from abusive, alcoholic men, BIEM has established a Women’s Shelter. Here, hurting women can find comfort and learn of a loving Heavenly Father. Pray for those who minister there: our brave national pastors (Almond, Zealous, Righteous), our courageous manager Julie, and her helper Rose. Pray for the women and kids at the Shelter to receive Jesus and stand strong in their new faith.
  • During this month of October, Sam Slobodian will be traveling with 4 of our national church planters visiting in the United States. First Pavel Rumachik and Andrei Yudintsev from Russia will be here, followed by Eugene Buyko and Igor Fomichov from Ukraine. Please pray that God will bless the meetings where they will be speaking.