BIEMs of Light August 2017

Praises Rejoice with us!

  • In Western Asia, two more souls have come to Christ in a Muslim land. This husband and wife faced many obstacles to faith. The husband was an atheist. The wife is in a wheelchair due to a serious accident and asked many “Why?” questions. God used our missionary Sasha and the Scriptures to remove the obstacles and replaced them with faith!
  • When church-planter Igor Fomichov of Ukraine was visiting U.S. churches in July, he mentioned informally a long-range hope of mounting a Bible verse on the church building so soldiers passing by would see it. A businessman has stepped forward to fund something better: an electronic sign capable even of pictures. This project is now being pursued!
  • Pastor River and his wife Hope have faced much pressure in Central Asia. The authorities raided a service at their home, then posted men to watch the residence. They also summoned those who had been present for questioning, which caused fears. Thanks to prayer by God’s people, the pressure on Pastor River is lessening for now. We don’t assume they are no longer under observation, but we praise God for this reprieve.
  • In Peru, missionary Wilber Huillca reports, “Praise the Lord, we have been able to bring the Gospel to our brothers from different communities and ethnicities, such as the Yine, Yaminahua, Amahuaca, Kaquinte, Machiguenga, Ashaninca, Shahui, and others. During our stay here in Sepahua, God has opened doors for us with the Amahuaca and Yaminahua people, with whom we now face new challenges.” May God continue to bless and help!

Prayer Pray with us!

  • Pray that two of our Russian church planters whom we have invited to visit the U.S. to speak in churches will be granted visas.  Their consultation at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (which determines whether to grant the visas) is on August 3.
  • The daughter of our missionary Tim experienced health problems following an insect bite (a tick). They had fly back to the U.S. on July 21, and she has since been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Please pray for restored health for this young lady.
  • Please continue to uphold in prayer church planter Nikolai Ryzhuk in Belarus. He’s no longer bedridden, but his severe back pain does limit what he can do physically.
  • The last of the summer camps will be taking place in August. Please pray for God to work in campers’ hearts!