Teodoro and Esperanza Berna

Location: Chepen, Peru

Location: Chepen, Peru


It is a delight to have the opportunity to share what our God has allowed us to do in His work here in Chepen, Peru. Currently we have 24 people attending our church—8 are baptized, and 12 remain to be baptized. Four are visitors. The Bible Club is made up of around 25-40 children and young people.

Two couples are in marriage counseling, and another couple is going through pre-marriage counseling. We are in the process of discipling two men and two ladies. On the weekends we conduct Bible studies at three members’ houses with the purpose of reaching their neighbors, and we go on visitation to members’ homes to encourage them. We hold a prayer service each week at the church, a once-per-week edification service, and on Sundays we meet to worship together in mornings and evenings. We are always taking advantage of opportunities to evangelize. So, as a small group we are dedicated to evangelism, discipleship, ministry, mentoring, and worship.

We never have to wait for the enemy to attack as he tries to derail God’s purpose for the people to whom we minister. However, God gives us strength as we continue on and stay faithful to the work He has given us. As we remain diligent in our service, the Lord will grow our church and will add to us those who are to be saved according to His promises. 

The church owns its own building. The lot is 7 x 30 meters, and we have completed 65% of the construction work. We ask for your prayers as we endeavor to finish the rest.

We ask for your prayers for God’s work here, that people would receive the Gospel. They recognize their sin, but are unwilling to make the decision to surrender their lives to Christ as their Lord and savior. They are stuck in their religion, traditions, etc. Let us pray that God would work in their hearts. We also ask you to pray for our holiness and for my wife’s health. We again are grateful to you all for supporting our ministry, for your prayers, and for your financial support. Our work in the Lord is not in vain. May God bless you!