January Video Update

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Dear Pastors and Friends, 

Greetings to you all!   This month's video update comes from Russia and features church planter Pavel Rumachik.  Brother Pavel planted one of our first churches in Russia in Nahabino which is in the Moscow region.   

This effort has had some amazing results.  The first person saved was the area's biggest drug dealer. Deeply burdened by all those he got addicted, he began to bring all kinds of drug addicts, drug dealers, and mafia type people to church to hear the Gospel.  Many were saved and within 2 years the church was more than half made up of recovering drug addicts. This led to the church establishing a drug and alcohol rehab center which over the years has developed into 10 centers.  

The many who have been saved come from all different levels of Russian society.  The scourge of drugs affects both the poor and the rich, the educated and non-educated, women as well as men. One of those saved was a famous athlete so this ministry has become well known and has been covered by local media and led to opportunities to speak to teens in public schools.  Today there are over 50 families who are faithfully serving in Moscow area churches where one or both parents have been saved through this Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation ministry.  Praise God for His wonderful saving grace!

In Christ, 

Sam & Amy Slobodian