February Video Update

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Dear Pastors and Friends,
Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to view our video updates. It is exciting to share blessings with you from the mission fields.

This month's video update comes from  Bilogorodka, Ukraine which is on the outskirts of the capital city of Kyiv. This video features church planter Anatoly Kosyanchuk expressing his thankfulness for the pews shipped on our most recent container which ended up in brother Anatoly's church. This church is the mother church of the new church recently built on the other end of Bilogorodka.  So they are referred to as Bilogorodka I and Bilogorodka II.

Bilogorodka I was one of our early projects soon after the Iron Curtain came down, and Ukraine obtained its independence.  It actually involved restarting a church that had been closed for over 50 years as brother Anatoly explains. Praise God that Stalin's efforts to wipe out the church in Bilogorodka ultimately failed and that today there is not one but two churches proclaiming the Gospel in Bilogorodka, Ukraine.

In Christ,

Sam & Amy Slobodian