Pavel and Larissa Rumachik

One of Pavel Rumachik's first converts of the church plant in Nahabino was Roman. Roman had been one of the local drug dealers, but after his conversion Roman conquered his addiction and began to witness to his former "customers." As a result of his testimony, many drug addicts came to Christ and a number of them started attending the church in Nahabino. With the increase of so many drug addicts in the church, it became clear that these men needed personalized counseling and supervision. As a result, Pastor Pavel Rumachik and his church prayerfully began planning for a drug rehabilitation center. With the help of donations and supporters, Pastor Rumachik was able to purchase and remodel a house for the purpose of the drug rehabilitation center. Right now, there are 14 men living at the center, and that is capacity. Many lives have been changed as a result of this ministry, but the need is still great. Following the success and God's blessing on this initial outreach, Pastor Rumachik led his church in establishing several other Christian rehabilitation centers, including one for women.

Through the Christian Rehabilitation Center, men who were once drug and alcohol addicts have found salvation and freedom in Jesus Christ. Can you help support this outreach?

Men who get saved here also participate in outdoor evangelism. The authorities often try to discourage these activities by threats. One former drug addict said to them, "When we were selling drugs in the streets, you did not bother us. Now we are trying to spread the love and freedom that we have found through Christ, and you want to stop us?" Please pray for these new converts as they witness openly of the victory that they have through Christ.

Pavel’s Testimony of the Rehabilitation Center

Three years ago I got the desire to open a rehabilitation center for drug abusers and alcoholics. This was connected to the fact that drug addicts started coming to our church and accepting Christ. We turned to the city administration, asking that they give us a place [to use], but they couldn’t come to any decision.

So we started renting space in the Christian center. Two Christian men - one former drug addict, and one man who was simply a Christian brother - began ministering there. Within two or three months we had 6, or maybe 8, people there [going through rehab]. This is a very great need, because drug addiction has really taken hold of Russia. Also, the parents of drug addicts themselves very much need to be set free.

In this way, we were able to labor for a year and a half in this rehabilitation center, but then we acquired our own building. The rehabilitation center really helped us last year in evangelizing in the Krasnogorsk neighborhood of Nahabino. The men gave much testimony of what the Lord had accomplished in their lives, and we labored together all summer.

This summer... This fall, rather, we went around to the schools of the Krasnogorsk neighborhood. [We went to] the schools, the academies, the technical schools with an anti-drug program. We met with the board of education. They heard us out, listened to what we had to say, and said, “Yes, this is very important, and we agree that you should do this [program], just please try to not talk about Jesus Christ. Just talk about how you were released from this, and that it is possible.” However, the men replied that this would be really tough [not to include Christ], and so we went ahead and had 10 evangelistic meetings in schools and academies. We received some very good commendations from the administration, saying that we had a very good program. They are inviting us to come again. The school year is already ending, however, so we won’t be doing that any more this year. We are waiting for the fall season.

Yesterday we had a meeting at the church about evangelism this summer, and we decided to go out every Sunday evening for evangelism in Krasnogorsk district, so that we can focus more specifically on establishing a new church [there].

Now we are doing some finishing work in the rehabilitation center, but of course we do not have enough money to finish everything up completely. But overall, we’re surviving; we’re warm, we have water, we have heating, there are already some [small] creature comforts.

We have a great desire to open a women’s rehabilitation center, because I don’t think there is a single women’s rehabilitation center in all of Russia. Yet there are many young girls who are drug addicts, too, so we would like for God to help and bless us in this matter. But praise God that we have this opportunity. May the Lord be glorified.