New Pastor Appointed in Desna

News From Rock of Salvation Church, March 2008 We had a privilege in our Rock of Salvation church to have our first ordination in March of this year. Two our good friends and brothers in Christ were ordained for the ministry. A. R. was ordained as an evangelist and went to a country of Muslim background a few weeks ago. Igor Fomichova was ordained for the pastor of Rock of Salvation Church in Desna.

As it was expected he manages the new ministry very well making every effort to make the church grow quantity and quality. He does well with organizing church services, makes new contacts in the community, and spends more time witnessing to his unbelieving relatives. We see new faces appearing at our church services. It is a special blessing for us to see how much members of our church like their new pastor and support his innovations concerning ministry in Desna. Along with being a pastor of the church he is carrying a load of care for the reconstruction of the church building. He is also in the process of repairing the apartment of his parents in Desna so he could move in there with his wife and daughter. He also continues to teach Youth Bible Study in Goncharovskoe (another military base in 30 miles from Desna). We keep Igor in our prayers every day and ask you to join our prayers for the pastor of Desna church that God hand would be upon Him to encourage and guide him in his ministry as a pastor of Rock of Salvation Church. As for our future plans, once we come back from the States we’ll start looking for an apartment for us to rent in city Chernigiv. We’ll be ministering to University students in Chernigiv area. The territory of Chernigiv area is as big as Indiana State; with only 2000 Baptist Christians 70% of which are elderly people. We have few students from Desna that entered Universities in Chernigiv as well as some students from Goncharovskoye that used to attend Igor’s Bible Study but moved to Chernigiv for the time of study. My first step in the new ministry will be getting all these students together for Bible studies, and in the future, I plan to start a Christian Student Center. I will greatly appreciate your prayers about these needs.

So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.

Luke 17:10

With many praises and thanks to God for the great things He does in the lives of those that love Him.