Summer Camp 2010 Reports

Testimonies from several Americans who participated in a BIEM missions trip to Ukraine

The trip to Ukraine this summer was life changing! God worked in so many ways, both big and small. I was reminded of God’s sovereignty, God’s grace, God’s power, and God’s omniscience. I was also challenged in the area of sacrifice for ministry. The Ukrainian people were so willing to give us all of their time and resources in order to enhance our ministry. It was such an impact to me personally. The trip was definitely worth every moment, and I would love to go back soon! Eric H.

[pullright]My view of missions will never be the same after my 23 days in Ukraine. [/pullright]My view of missions will never be the same after my 23 days in Ukraine. A few of the things that impacted me the most were: The genuine love the Ukrainians showed while we were there. I also heard stories about their persecution; I heard of churches that were destroyed, and their congregations met in the forest. I have heard many stories like this one, but after you have seen the churches, and met the people, you suddenly realize how real it was for these brothers and sisters in Christ that we have not just in Ukraine, but in the entire world!

I’ve been asked what part or aspect of Ukraine made the most impression on me. I could honestly say that I couldn’t pick just one. Their love, their sacrificial giving, their hospitality, their passion for the Bible and prayer. Going over to Ukraine, I know some Americans who have the mindset “We are going to change them.” But this is just the opposite of what should happen. You will never have the same experience if you do not let [insert country] change you. I know Ukraine has changed me, not just my view of missions. I have a professor in college who says, “Life is ministry, and ministry is global.” I understand this better now than when I left for Ukraine. My life is to bring glory to God, wherever in this world He will place me in ministry. John M.

The mission trip to Ukraine was definitely an eye-opener for me! It was an encouragement and a rebuke to see how the Christians in Ukraine serve God. When our team came to visit, they treated us better than I think we would have. They gave their best and beyond that. Also, their love for God is so evident in how they praise Him and worship. They didn’t just go to church out of “habit,” but they went because they wanted to praise God. This trip has taught me to reach out to people no matter who they are and where they are from. We need to keep in mind there are people who are dying every day without the Gospel, and it is our job to tell them. I am so thankful to have been able to go on this trip, and I thank God for everything He taught me. I pray and hope that it will always be in my heart and mind. Anya G.

Our Bible college team of 15 people enjoyed participating in the children’s camp ministries which were established and led by a fine group of dedicated Ukrainian believers. Their love and sacrifice made our ministry to the children fruitful and enriched our desire to serve Christ to the regions beyond. We all left a part of our hearts in Ukraine and long to return one day to serve with them again. Corey and Laurie P.

As a full-time missionary with BIEM, I had the privilege (and fun) participating in a number of children’s camps this past summer, first in Ukraine and then in Russia. Each year’s camps are always different, but each year’s camps are a blessing in their own ways.

In Rumyantsevo, Russia, I joined a team of adults who had prepared Bible lessons, games, and crafts for campers ages 8-12. The facility near Moscow was once a camp for Pioneers, similar to a communist version of scouting in the Soviet days. Now this site proclaims the Gospel through camps, retreats, and other special programs. I could talk about the obstacle courses, the games, or the intense heat (up to 100° in early August), but instead I’ll mention how every aspect of camp life focused on God and His Word. Of course, we had lessons and evening dress-up services with various preachers. But even the before-bed snack times included vivid lessons. For instance, during one small-group snack time the leaders talked about sin, about how people can look nice and attractive on the outside, but still carry the stain of sin on the inside. The object lesson was an apple that had black ink injected into it via syringe. The apple looked delicious, but when the leader cut it open… “Yuck!” The heart of the apple was dark and ugly, just like the sin God sees in people’s hearts. Quite a living lesson! Camps are a wonderful way to lift kids out of their daily routine and to get them away from other distractions and to spend all directing their attention to God and eternal truths. Like the national workers, I add my thanks to everyone in the West who understand the impact of such camps and give to provide the meals, craft materials, prizes, sporting equipment, snacks, and other expenses that combine to create a dynamic camp. These weeks are fatiguing, but being there and witnessing how God works in young lives is a huge reward. May He be praised! Rick Barry, Director of Church-Planting Ministries, BIEM

Testimonies from National Leaders

Sea of Azov, Ukraine

salvationsFrom July 9 to 18 on the Azov Sea was held a Christian camp, which improved, spiritually and physically, the health of more than 60 children.

This year was the first time I went as a leader of Christian children’s camp. I was given the youngest group, ten children, ages from seven to nine years. I was familiar with many of the kids there at the station when parents handed them to me for boarding the train. This is a wonderful moment when someone gives you the hands of the most precious thing he has - his child.

On the train children began to gradually open up, revealing their characters. Immediately it was clear who had faithful parents, who had the most years of attending church, and who didn’t know anything about Jesus Christ. One very loud, uncontrollable child was a girl Nika (I’ve changed her name here for ethical reasons). While everything else subsided, she continued to laugh aloud and talk. We asked that she calm down, and that helped a little. The next morning, her mother telephoned and said that the girl may have problems.

With each passing day, I learned more and more about this girl. For her, the Christian environment and fellowship with the believers were a novelty. The first days were very difficult. She talked so loud, even screaming. Most of her actions are not controlled. She could laugh out loud for no reason and then a moment later cry and run away somewhere. At the same time she wanted simple human kindness. From one kind word, praise flourished. I am grateful to God that I came to camp. I know that the ten days spent among Christians have changed and will continue to change her heart. How great is the LORD; every day He worked wonders.

A few days later, I learned the story of this girl’s life. It turned out that when she was quite a little girl, her biological parents earned money off of her. She had to beg for money. What other difficulties she experienced in those years, nobody knows, but a deep traumatic imprint in the soul remained with her. Then a different family adopted her. They try everything to ensure her. But, for reasons known only to them, they don’t raise her at home, but delivered her to their parents to do that. To this day, the girl lives with her grandparents and sees the foster parents only see on weekends. She studies in an orphanage school.

Comparing all these details, it became clear why she behaves as she does. After learning this, I no longer saw her as a bad, spoiled child, but as a girl with a wounded heart who was in need of Jesus Christ.

At first, when we had our Bible lessons, while all the kids listened and participated Nika’s head was, at best, flying somewhere in the clouds. When we prayed before meals in the cafeteria, or in class, or before we swam in the sea, Nika just did not understand what we were doing.

Every night, before bed, we gathered the children in the room and read Bible stories. In the stories there were descriptions of different experiences of the kids who went through the same kinds of things as she did. On the third and fourth day of camp I began to notice Nika attentively listening to these stories. She sat in silence, and with wide open eyes listened carefully to every word, and then happily answered questions.

I will not forget, when in the dining room before sitting down at the table to eat, she asked permission to pray. For several days, Nika had watched how the other children from our group prayed, and used her own words to thank God for the food we had.

It’s not possible to change such children. But this is the age when you can still make adjustments in their psychological state, to act. In ten days we would not have been able to heal all her spiritual wounds; it was not in our power. But the fact that Jesus Christ came into her little heart was visible. At one of the final services attended by the entire camp to glorify the name of the Lord, the preacher posed a number of questions. Nika called out (she simply could not talk quietly) the answers to all of them.

We don’t know whether Nika will have another chance to be in a Christian camp, whether she will have a chance to fellowship more with Christians and hear God’s word. But I know one thing: the camp changed her life. She will always know that Jesus loves her, that He will forgive her sins when she addresses Him, and that God will never leave and will not forsake her.

These truths have been a revelation for her. She could not imagine that someone would be so fond of her that He gave his life for her. When we were riding home on the train, I told her that we are waiting for her in Sunday school. She said nothing. But once we stepped out of the train car and she saw her parents, with tears in her eyes she said, “Mom, Dad, let me go to Sunday school!”

Thank God for this camp, where children found salvation for their soul. For children from believing families, it was a wonderful vacation, with the sea, games, meetings, Bible lessons, socializing in a circle of friends and relatives. But for the unbelieving children it was something more. It was a time of salvation. Personally I am very glad that those who had not previously heard about Christ saw that his name could be known not only by adults but by other children just like them.

May God bless all those who helped organize the camp. To see children receive God into their hearts is a great joy.

Lubov I.

Trilisi, Fastov, and other villages

FedorivkaSummer…For some this word is synonymous with beach, the sea, and warm rays of the sun, but for other people it means something different. For them it is a huge opportunity to serve the Lord in the children’s summer camp ministry.

I want to help you, dear readers, to plunge into the atmosphere of a busy ministry with dear children, whom our group visited in villages like Krasnya Sloboda and Trilisi, as well as in Fastov. I was fortunate to work in a team gathered by the Lord. Over the whole year, each person was actively preparing for meetings with the children, attended sessions on medical training, which is very useful.

And the long-awaited moment arrived. Our team went to the first destination, Trilisi. That camp was held from June 7 to 13. As is customary, the team met with the camp kids who responded to the invitations and came to meet us. We were very happy to see them. The first acquaintance with them was a little hectic, but despite this the next day the children felt much freer to talk to us.

We did many things with them: singing, playing, doing crafts, but our main goal was to tell them about Him who loved them and gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to talk about the fact that He died for them on the cross. I know that our work was not in vain.

One evening we had an interesting event. I remember it was Wednesday. Three hours of the day we spent with the children [in a day camp], and then prepared for a service with teens. But no teens came, even though we invited them. Then, at 10 pm, we heard someone knock at the kitchen window. Near the window sat our dear sister Sasha Kustovskiy. She was frightened at first, but then we realized that it was a girl knocking on the window. We were surprised. She came with friends and asked for our permission to sit in the tent we had put up for the children’s Bible lesson. Of course, we did not want to lose this opportunity and not socialize with them. Our talk lasted for about an hour. We sang and talked about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. In the end, we prayed for them.

Next we went to Chervona Sloboda. Camp there was held from June 28 to July 2. And again, we were happy every day we held camp and met new people, got to know the hearts of children, who wanted to know who we are and why we had come there.

There are so many things that happen in each camp, but always in our memory are the children, whom you’ll remember forever. For example, I personally remember the girl who at first was very rude to me and would not listen. But by the end of camp God melted her heart, and by the end when we said good-byes, she was crying. It is so wonderful to see how Christ changes the hearts of children. It is all His work through the labor of His people. This camp is also very special to our team. I remember when we sang the farewell song. We had no tears, but we were not able to sing, and the children, too, looked on us with great regret over our coming departure. But the song was an encouragement for all of us that we would meet again, if not to meet here on earth, then in heaven. Also, after a long farewell, the girls gave us a large poster with a big heart, and around it were drawn little hearts, on which were written the names of the leaders.

Then there was another camp, in Fastov. It was held from July 5 to 9. With them, we also had a memorable day camp. On average, 30-35 children came every day. What’s special about this camp is the fact that the whole team was put to the test. For some reason this camp produced various injuries: someone’s hand got hurt, another’s leg, someone else’s heel...Everyone sacrificed a body part!

One girl (Alla), who served as the camp leader, shared an interesting testimony with me. On Thursday morning came a little girl, whose name was Ira. She was 6 years old, but she looked like 3, so thin and puny. This little girl came and said to her softly: “Oh, you’re eating. But I haven’t had anything to eat for 2 days. I’m so hungry.” Alla immediately took action and went to the kitchen to request something for that girl to eat. While Ira was eating, Alla began asking her about her parents: who they are and what they do. It turned out that her dad and mom drink. Only occasionally their grandmother comes to help wash. And when she told me how they are washed, it’s impossible to hear. They are washed in rain water that collects in a tub, which sits outside. Ira said: “The water is beginning to stink, so I can’t go there to bathe.” Among other things, Alla asked: “And when was the last time you washed your hair; do you remember?” Ira replied that it was so long that she no longer remembered.

That’s whose lives would be changed for the better. These are hearts, to which you want to give hope. We will pray for God to change her parents, so they will turn to God and begin to care for their children and love them. One girl, named Jan, who lives not far from the place where that camp was held, visited us and helped the team. She selflessly serves God. She is fruit from last year’s camps. Praise God for it!

To finish, it is difficult to come to a clear conclusion. Our work is a small drop in the bucket in missionary service. We hope that the seed, sown by us with love, will sprout. May it all be to the glory of Jesus Christ! Lydia G.

I am grateful to God for that I was given the opportunity to conduct Bible lessons [in a day camp] at an orphanage. These were my first steps in teaching children the Word of God. Prior to teaching these lessons, I felt that I could not manage. Praise the Lord that He was my support. The Lord taught me. The lessons that I led, they would seem very accessible and familiar, but the Lord helped me in a new way to experience and understand the truths that we discussed in class.

“Let the little children to come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:1). This is the Word of God. It’s a great opportunity to apply it to the children and their lives. Children want and love to listen to the message of Jesus. Children listen to Bible stories. They are happy to pray. I was very pleased that the children were waiting for the day of our classes. They told me that now they pray before bedtime. I was very pleased, because the children gradually learned the Word of God and wanted to convey that they have done things that are good in God’s eyes.

Most children at boarding school have parents that are deprived of parental rights. From such an early age, children grow up very angry and violent, just because they do not know or see parental care and love. In Ukraine there is a promotional video: A fathers sits under a tree and lights a cigarette. His small son, too, settles nearby, pretending to be smoking ... Here is a vivid example of how children follow in the footsteps of adults. A child should not go into eternity without Jesus, and we are to evangelize to those children who are deprived of care and love. They need to hear about Jesus, about salvation that He gives us. Irina B.

Litvinovka, Ukraine

LitvonikvaThank God and you for the wonderful opportunity to pursue ministry with children, including through holding a Christian Children’s Camp. We know that you pray for our ministry. We are also very grateful that we were able to conduct our camp for children in Litvinivka, which was held from June 21 to 25 for 22 children from families of non-believers.

May God reward you a hundredfold, and bless you and us in a joint ministry to God’s field “for we are labourers together with God.” We pray also for you and the ministry of the mission.

Receive a hearty greeting from the brothers and sisters of our church. We remember brothers Sam and Rick, who visited us, and we will be glad to see you again. May God richly bless you all! Pastor Alexander Kravchuk

Borova, Ukraine

We thank God that He has inclined your hearts to participate in organizing the camp from our church. God sent good weather, gave the finances, blessed the organizing of the camp, and most importantly, He sent lost children, some of whom attend church services and Sunday school. We felt your help; may God bless you. Sunday school teachers of Borova

Desna, Ukraine

DesnaThis year we had a great blessing, and this blessing was that with God’s help children’s camps were held. It should be noted that for the kids camp was a great holiday.

We want to share an interesting response from people from when we were handing out invitations in the center of the town. We chose a place where normally a lot of people walk past. I went to the store to buy ice cream to distribute invitations with balloons and ice cream. The sales ladies began to get interested when they saw how much ice cream we wanted. I told them about the camp and invited their children. A few minutes after we came to the square, kids just swarmed us from every side, and wanted to know what will happen in this camp, which they had heard about from friends.

The next day we met with the children in the camp and had a blessed time with them. We think it was a time they will not forget.

Our team had one Christian woman helping who had never before participated in camps, and she shared her impressions. She liked the fact that the children were very orderly for class time and carefully listening to the Biblical truths that were shared each day. She was surprised that our team members were from different regions of Ukraine, and also that we had guest helpers from America, who also actively participated in the camp. And, despite the fact that many of us had never worked together, God made of us one good tool for the execution of His will.

On the first day, a young mother and her daughter appeared and asked what we were doing there. I explained to her that it’s our annual Christian camp for children. She asked what would happen in the program. I told her that we would have sports, games, songs, Bible lessons, and crafts. She was interested and asked me if her daughter could stay and try out the camp while she watched? I said yes, of course. And at the end of the day, I asked her impression of the camp. In response, she said she liked it and she had not ever been to similar events. She also asked whether something else would be held next year. It was good not only for her child to visit and hear about Christ, but also for her. She had the opportunity to hear about salvation through Christ’s sacrifice. And we hope that her presence will bear good fruit.

These are but a few of the blessed moments we wanted to tell you about, and we hope you would like to participate in next year’s camp. Thank you very much for your support in the ministry, and may God bless you. The Fomichovs

Goncharovsk, Ukraine

We greet you brothers and sisters in Christ! During the camp, we were able to talk with different children and to share Christ with them. The camp was a special time when God disposes children to hearing His Word. We pray that God will continue to incline the hearts of children to fellowship with Him and with us. And we very much hope that the children will go read the Word of God.

It was a great blessing and encouragement for me that, before going to camp, Artyom came to see me and we struck up a conversation about repentance and feelings, and I explained that repentance should not be based on feelings, but on the sacrifice of Christ. When we talked, he told me that realized that he had previously relied heavily on the senses, and now understands the role of feelings and the role of facts. I was very encouraged. We went out to the field, praying, singing to God and read the Bible and praised the Lord together. You know, brothers and sisters, for me it was very great excitement, since I had waited a long time for a chance to go and praise the Lord with one of the youth of Goncharovsk. My prayers to the Lord about Artyom are that God will continue to bless his desire to grow and glorify God.

I’d like to share another happy occasion with you. We were still in the camp and I talked with Artyom about how it would be good to go on Sunday to a service in Desna, and when we talked, some other guys also wanted to go with us. Pastor Igor invited us to stay in Desna for a picnic. This day was a special time and after the service I asked the kids their impressions of the church, and they said they really liked it.

Much thanks to you for your participation in the ministry in Goncharovsk. We are very encouraged by knowing that there are brothers and sisters who are concerned about the ministry. May God richly bless you! Sasha Petrenko

Chervona Sloboda, Ukraine

Bible StudyThe children of Sloboda, like all children, want more attention. Do I need to be a teacher or tutor, to pay attention to them? No, but I need to have the willingness to give without expecting in return.

At the beginning of each camp, you can’t help asking yourself: “Is it worth it?” and “Who needs it?” The answers to these questions usually come in the camps. But more about that later. Meanwhile, there is much preparation and work.

The regime of the day was:

-09:00 AM - Breakfast; -10:00 AM - The beginning of camp; -11:00 AM - Worship; -11:30 AM - Skits; -12:00 AM - Bible lesson; - 12:30 PM - Sports games; - 02:00 PM - Snack; - 02:30 PM - Worship; - 03:00 PM - Prayer, then prizes, awards, etc. - 05:00 PM - Dinner; - 08.00 PM - Talk by the campfire.

It should be noted that this plan was for the children. But we, the leaders, got up very early... After all, we must wake up, remind ourselves that we came to work for the children. Not just entertain them, but to be entertaining and very active and at the same time talk about the salvation of their souls. Here, on this basis, our day began, as stated above.

We begin to answer our previous question: No, this is not in vain; the day passed, the children learned a lot about God. They became friends, became more tolerant of each other. Thank God for this opportunity to testify about Christ. And yet, we were so pleased to hear from the children words of gratitude and appreciation. Friends, our task is to teach children to believe in Jesus Christ as personal Savior. This will require not just one week in camp, but constant discussion and nurturing of children in their love and faith in Jesus Christ. For this, God calls not only the gifted and capable, but He calls on all who are able to give without asking in return!

Around the evening campfire were heard the sounds of the guitar; the outdoors heard Christian songs glorifying God. This attracted local youth. They are attracted by the fire and the young people at a fire. It’s a chance to develop new acquaintance: “Who are you? Why did you come? Is it simply to serve children for free?” Many people cannot understand how this could be. Good deeds are a rarity in our time. Young people begin to learn for themselves that you can live differently, that there are young people who serve God, lead a healthy lifestyle, create strong families, give birth to healthy children and care not only about their own, but also about other people’s children.

People passing by on the street end up listening involuntarily. Yes, these are songs they have not heard before. They are happy that there are such young people who do not consume alcohol, use drugs, who respect elders and have love for people and God. Maybe someone among the passers-by wishes in their heart that their children were similar to those young people, but they think if they go to a Baptist church, then what will the neighbors and relatives think? Thus, the fear of man drives them away from attending, from thoughts of eternity and of God. The camp ended, and the children asked when the next one will be. At the Sunday service the children put on a program that they rehearsed at the camp. They sang new songs, quoted memory verses from the Bible. “So will the team come next year?” “Will there be another camp?” “Maybe one more this year?” I am pleased with these questions, since they answer the questions I pose to myself before each children’s camp: “Is it worth it to do, and who needs it?”

We are very grateful to you, dear brothers and sisters, because you have helped us to hold this camp, which is so important for children. We thank you for your support and prayers. Vitaly Yurchenko

Otradnoye, Russia

OtradnoeThank you for your faithful love gifts and prayers during this year toward children’s ministry. God has blessed us with tremendous opportunities to serve children from needy families and 36 orphans this summer. Seven hot sunny days in June will produce good memories in their little hearts. Our goal was to introduce children to the Great Book – The Bible. Some parents who visited us on the final day of the camp also received a Bible and heard the Gospel message. Two teenagers from Pavlovo orphanage (Vladimir 17, and Sergey 16) decided to profess Christ as their Savior in front of all the children.

This summer I had volunteers from two Baptist churches in Saint-Petersburg and even a professional mime Christian group. One day we went out on the streets of our town and sang Christian children’s songs. Many people stopped and listened to us and to my good surprise nobody reported to the police. I believe that God had His protecting hand over us by your prayers. We expect much fruit from this effort in the fall. The camp was held on the Church grounds.

May Our Father in Heaven bless each of you according to His riches. Galatians 6:9: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Oleg & Katherine Vladyko

Drogichin, Belarus

BelarusGod’s peace to you, our dear members of the mission. I want to tell you how God is real in our day and does His work. I, as a pastor, was concerned in the early summer about summer camp for our children. I just prayed to God and said that we have no money for a camp. Yes, in the heart I had special contrition before God in this matter, as children and teachers were asking whether or not we would do something for the kids. So I thought, there’s no money nor enough teachers for a Christian camp. And you know, a miracle happened. I heard the news that you [BIEM] could help with funds. And I saw that God wanted us to conduct an evangelistic Christian camp. Of course, the kids were just delighted with the program, the food in the camp. There were also children from non-Christian homes. The program for teenagers was very rich: Each day, Bible lessons, preaching, worship, singing, poetry, playing musical instruments, and prayer. The younger group did not want to go home. They cried at parting. What was very important to me is that two neighbor children, Albert (13) and a girl Olga (10) years old, were in the camp. When they returned, they told their parents their impressions. The parents were thrilled that their kids liked it. And those parents told their friends about how we took their kids to Christian camp. It was a pleasure to hear all the neighbors speak well of us Christians, and our camp for children.

Thank God that the camp has not passed in vain. The children learned lots of songs, stories and Bible stories. Two girls repented from the same family; they are Katya and Olga. So, let those who donated for camps and prayed know that the camp was not in vain. As 1 Corinthians says, Paul planted, Apollos watered, and God gives the increase.

I am glad that God showed me that I have to kneel and pray more about everything. Thank God were in the camp of independent churches. May God bless abundantly.  God’s blessings of peace, happiness, knowing that your labor is not in vain before God. Pastor Nikolai Ryzhuk

Capathian Mountains, Ukraine

tentFor me, camp was a great blessing. Each day began and ended with prayer. At first it was scary: the new kids, different personalities, different problems. However, getting to know them better, I realized that I had the best group. Of course, there were problems, but we solved them quickly.

Throughout the camp we had marvelous games, fun classes on music and drama, but the fun was at craft time. They loved to make different things with their own hands. Foremost in the camp were Bible lessons and programs. Great leaders are accessible and understandable talking about God. Through their words, God worked in children’s hearts, so that several children turned to Christ. To God be all the glory for this. The campers also looked forward to an evening of talking in groups. In this way they met new friends. The fellowship was very fun. We played games, laughed, talked and spent time together.

I am sincerely grateful to God that He gave me the chance to be in this camp and to have the responsibility of a leader. I am grateful to the sponsors of the camp, because if they had not helped, the camp could not have existed. Veronica S. Leader for younger group of girls (10-12)

Kids’ Impressions from Various Camps

In camp I liked: the Bible lessons, our leaders, the cooks. And various relay races. And most of all I liked water day. During the day, we poured water in the water relay. Also we played on a cable and a trampoline and jump roped. We did different crafts, painting, and got prizes. This camp taught us to believe in God, to praise Him, to pray to Him. They told different stories about the power of God and what is the real power of the Lord. I am very grateful to all those who led this camp, and our leaders and cooks, and camp director. Because they taught us to believe in God. I want to go again next year to camp. Vika H. This is a very cool camp! All the organizers are trying to help us to be comfortable and have fun. But most of all they cared about whether we accepted Jesus into our heart. I accepted Him 2.5 years ago, but sincerely rejoiced when other children asked Christ into their hearts. In this camp, everything was wonderful! Our cook prepared delicious breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners. The games are cool, great classes, the leaders –  you’re the best. I thank God and everybody, everybody, everybody who organized this very nice camp. Yaryk V. (14)

Dear organizers of the camp, I am very grateful for this wonderful camp. That I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Lord, the relays, the familiarity with each other, with great leaders who have supported us throughout the camp, for the food, for the team spirit. I like everything that happens in camp. I like especially the water day. I hope that next year will also be interesting. I’m very grateful to you for what you are doing for all children. Vita N.

I attended summer camp in Fedorivka. I like the fact that the camp had a water day, a trampoline, Bible lessons, general camp games, painting, relay races, handcrafts. I liked how we are fed. Our leaders help us, take care of us, taught, nurtured in the fear of God. Dima P.

My name is Lera. I love camp. This year I was in two camps, one for children and one for adults, where we lived in tents. I really like to be in camp; there is fun for us. This year, when I was in camp, I decided I wanted to be baptized. Praise God for the fact that they took me to a tent camp. Lera S. (9)

This is a great time in my life. So it was good in the camp, all the people who were here—they are great. In the camp, everything changes, you just do not want to leave. I told all our friends in Desna how great it is in camp. I remember the evening we sang Christian songs around a campfire, listening to the sermon. Natasha S. (15)

My opinion of Christianity is changing. The camp is a very healthy atmosphere; we are all becoming more open, even kinder. It was hard to imagine that you can relax without alcohol. I’m not saying that I became a believer, but I like this. Sasha (17)

My impressions are only good! This camp is the best: The best leaders are here and everything is cool. No complaints. I liked the craft circle and genius Julia, skillful pens, sports, music. And our leaders are all super. Everything will stick in my memory. Alexander S. In the camp I liked everything: the food, which was prepared by our beloved chef, the games that the leaders prepared. The classes where we made products with our hands. We studied music, drama, made up new skits, which were then shown at the evening meetings, in sports we played great games. I thank God for camp! Max P.

For me, this camp was a great blessing. I really like it here. I liked the games, tennis, volleyball. The organizers tried very hard to make everything comfortable and interesting. The leaders were most concerned that we read the Bible, and Galina told us about Jesus Christ. I repented and received Him into my heart. I am very glad when other kids asked Jesus Christ into their hearts. I am very fond of snacks and breakfast, and very grateful for the delicious meals the cook made. I am very grateful to God for the leaders who held camp. Andrei S. (14)

I really have fun in this camp. There are fun games, interesting friends, and it’s really fun to talk with them and play. There are also people who support me in difficult times. My friends and I help each other. I like most sports and the all-camp games. Every morning we gather, and we everyone prays together. Then we go to brush our teeth, do exercises. I respect the leaders because they did their best for us. I thank God for the leaders, delicious food, games, for the classes. Svyatoslav P. (13)

I’m in this camp for only the second time. I really like it here and I learned more about God and opened my heart to Him. I found new friends here. My brightest impression is that I could open up to God. This week was very interesting. We went through different relay races. After dinner we played the general camp game. This week I really changed for the better. Next year I want to come here again. Maria H. (13)

I’m in this camp for only the first time. I really like it here. I met many interesting people. Also found a lot of cool friends. We played games, sang songs, acted out fun scenes. And most importantly is that I learned more about God, as He changes people for the better. Also, I like discussing in groups where we could learn more about each other. Overall, I spent good time in this camp. I had a cool group and super leader! Mariana H. (15)

Unfortunately, this is only the second time in my life I’ve been in a Christian camp. So, I really enjoyed it. Indeed, at first when I arrived, I thought that I would be bored here, but when I came, my opinion changed. I found many new friends, learned more about God and His works, and just had fun times with people who are really nice to me. I am very glad that I went to this camp. I hope that next year I will get to go again. Tatiana P. (14)

This week was special for me. I found many new friends with whom I like to spend time talking. This camp has been a very cool experience because I learned more about God. Also, I enjoyed communicating in groups, the games, generally everything. It was very fun. I was class leader who tried to do everything as best I could, and my whole team has been excellent. Alina S. (15)

God blessed me with this chance to go to camp and I took advantage of it. The Lord blessed every day. We prayed before each lesson, prayed as soon we got up, prayed before bedtime ... Our loving Heavenly Father saved us from sin and injuries. He opened our hearts, that we understand the essence of Truth and His Word. For many, the camp became a turning point in their lives. The camp went very fast. I really like it here. The camp was just great! Jaroslav D. (15)