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Going on a summer mission trip with BIEM, you will have an opportunity not only to visit the mission field, but also to be a help to national workers. Every year over 100 individuals visit the ministry of BIEM. These groups are a great blessing and encouragement to our workers and the people they minister to. The national Christians look forward to the arrival of each group from America. If you join BIEM for two weeks in summer ministry, here are a few areas you will be participating in.

Summer Day Camps

Summer Camps provide a wonderful opportunity for children to get away from the constant troubles and fears of their everyday lives. No matter what their situation is at home, at camp they are able to have fun, play games, sing songs and listen to the Word of God. The camps that BIEM sponsors are conducted for children and youth from the areas where BIEM has started churches. This includes orphans and homeless children who are regularly being ministered to. Every year we have over 700 campers in 10 locations, which is about all that we could handle in terms of the workers, facilities, and projected funds. It costs about $50 to send one young person to camp.

Bible Lessons:

Each day camp sets aside a time for the children to gather together and have a Bible lesson or story time. Many of these children have never heard the stories of the Bible.

Game/Free Time:

This is always a favorite time for the children. Just like any other kids, they enjoy having fun and playing games.

Craft Time:

This is an exciting activity for the children. They are very artistic and enjoy coloring, decorating and doing just about any craft that you can think of to bring for them.

Bible & Tract Distribution:

Another opportunity that you will have while visiting BIEM’s ministry is helping pass out Bibles, New Testaments, or Gospel tracts. You will find that many people are open and receptive to any kind of spiritual literature. In some cases, this is the first time they have been presented with the Word of God.

Serving in Local Churches:

While you will be working in day camps for most of the weekdays, on Sundays you will be able to experience being in the worship services of newly established churches. Here you can provide music, share your testimony, give a devotional or short challenge, and enjoy warm fellowship with the new believers in the congregation.

Work Days:

A couple days are set aside for work days. These often involve general labor such as cleaning up and doing some yard work. This is a great blessing to local churches who want to maintain their church buildings and the grounds around them. Sometimes a work day consists of unloading a container of humanitarian aid shipped a few months earlier from the states.


There are days and evenings set aside to visit some of the most beautiful sites of Eastern Europe. While Ukraine has its share of the thoroughly modern, places like its capital, Kiev, is replete with Byzantine and Baroque architecture and art – reminders of the many foreign overlords who have left their mark on the country. Nearly every city has its centuries-old cathedral, and many have open-air museums of folk architecture, caves stuffed with mummified monks, and exquisite mosaics wherever you look. There are also plenty of vendors ready to sell you souvenirs and gifts to bring back for friends and family.

How Can I Help in Summer Camps?

If you feel the Lord leading you to help us in our summer camping ministry, please contact us for an application or any questions. The dates are usually in the month of July, and the estimated cost for two weeks is around $1800-$2000. Please contact our office for more information.


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