Volunteering is a great way to be involved in world missions right here at home, and it’s a lot of fun, too!


Every year, we send out thousands of letters, updates, and calendars. For our yearly calendar mailing, we are always looking for volunteers! And we always have fun! You can expect to stuff envelopes, drink coffee, and eat an occasional doughnut! We always need help, so contact us to find out the date of our next mailing!


Sort Donated Items

At our office, we receive a lot of boxes and bags of donated items for shipment overseas. We could use help sorting it. Items are unpacked, sorted (men's, women's, children's, etc.), and put into labeled boxes. This makes a great youth or small-group activity and helps us out a ton!

If you have questions about donating item, please contact us!

Load Containers

Once or twice a year, we ship a container overseas, and we need all the manpower we can get to load it. Even if you can’t lift heavy objects, we need help marking the clipboard as each box goes aboard.

Contact us to be notified of the next container loading date!