Special Prayer Needs for Ukraine

Special prayer needs Ukrainian believers asked us to convey.
(Updated 3/19/2014)

  1. Please pray for civil peace in that nation. Citizens in the West and in the East of Ukraine need to return to a state of living together peacefully and participating in one unified society.
  2. As people see the failures of human political leaders, pray they would realize the need to put their hope in the Lord. This is a prayer for a revival that would turn Ukrainian people to God.
  3. Pray that exterior powers would refrain from interfering with the internal affairs of the nation during this difficult time.
  4. In light of the many changes in government offices, please pray for the country’s internal structure to be rebuilt and stabilized.
  5. Another concern is the number of people who are carrying weapons. Criminal elements were operating during the unrest, taking advantage of the distractions. Pray for law and order to prevail.
  6. Pray that this situation would result in opportunities for God’s people to evangelize. This would require being able to draw people’s focus off of politics—not easy to do these days.
  7. Please pray that whatever government or leaders God allows to remain or come into power, that Ukraine would continue to have freedom to preach the Gospel and do missionary work.

Thank-you for joining us in praying for the people and the nation of Ukraine!

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  • Prayed! I feel God may be leading me to work with missionaries in Ukraine. Keep on!

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