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BIEM Sends a Van on the Container of Humanitarian Aid

In September 2007, BIEM sent another container overseas to Ukraine.  This container shipment however was different from all rest.  For months the ministry in Ukraine has been in need of a van to replace the old blue Dodge Ram van shipped overseas years ago.  This was no easy task as special equipment and expertise were needed to accomplish a safe and effective way to transport the van to Ukraine.  Praise God for those who donated their time, equipment and strength to help get this container out to those in need.  We have seen God use donated clothing and items over and over again to open peoples hearts to the Gospel.

BIEM sends container with beds for a homeless center

In April, volunteers helped load a container on its way to Ukraine with humanitarian aid, medical supplies, tires, gospel literature, ,wheelchairs, bicycles, beds for the homeless center and computers.

Humanitarian Aid Container bound for Ukraine

In December 2004, volunteers loaded a container of Humanitarian Aid bound for Ukraine. Besides humanitarian aid, this container was loaded with Gospel literature, medical supplies, wheelchairs, computers, tires, and children’s materials.



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