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Mary Slobodian: 1931-2014

Mary SlobodianOn July 22, Mary Slobodian, wife of BIEM founder, Peter Slobodian, passed into eternity. She went to join her husband, Peter, with the Lord, peacefully at her residence in Gladstone, Missouri. She was 83 and is survived by 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral services are as follows:

Matthews Mortuary
690 East 56th Street
Brownsburg, Indiana   46112
Phone: (317) 852-4296

Viewing at Noon on Saturday, July 26

Funeral Service at  1 PM Saturday, July 26

Interment at Lincoln Memory Gardens, Zionsville, IN


Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. -Psalm 116:15

Special Prayer Needs for Ukraine

Special prayer needs Ukrainian believers asked us to convey.
(Updated 3/19/2014)

  1. Please pray for civil peace in that nation. Citizens in the West and in the East of Ukraine need to return to a state of living together peacefully and participating in one unified society.
  2. As people see the failures of human political leaders, pray they would realize the need to put their hope in the Lord. This is a prayer for a revival that would turn Ukrainian people to God.
  3. Pray that exterior powers would refrain from interfering with the internal affairs of the nation during this difficult time.
  4. In light of the many changes in government offices, please pray for the country’s internal structure to be rebuilt and stabilized.
  5. Another concern is the number of people who are carrying weapons. Criminal elements were operating during the unrest, taking advantage of the distractions. Pray for law and order to prevail.
  6. Pray that this situation would result in opportunities for God’s people to evangelize. This would require being able to draw people’s focus off of politics—not easy to do these days.
  7. Please pray that whatever government or leaders God allows to remain or come into power, that Ukraine would continue to have freedom to preach the Gospel and do missionary work.

Thank-you for joining us in praying for the people and the nation of Ukraine!

Kiev Seminary Sees Good Enrollment for Fall

Our seminary in Kiev, Ukraine, has seen a good enrollment of new students this fall, including 4
from the country of Belarus. We praise the Lord for this ministry and for every student it trains!

Evangelistic Campaign being Planned in Peru

In Peru, new church-planter Jaime Ovalle requests prayer for an evangelistic campaign being
planned for November. Pray for power in preaching and for the salvation of souls!

Young Orthodox Priest Causes Problems at Bible Meetings

In Komarivka, Ukraine, a young Orthodox priest has begun attending the Baptist church
services and is causing problems. He accuses the locals of teaching heresy and refuses to stop
coming until he converts them all to Orthodoxy. The missionary doesn’t want to throw him out
physically, but requests prayer that God will open this young man’s eyes the same as He did to
young Saul.

Young Believer Brutally Attacked for Christ

In one of the restricted lands where our missionaries work, a young woman was brutally attacked
a week after her baptism. She had to flee her hometown. Please pray for her health, safety, and
adjustment to the new area. A male new believer, Ali, has been threatened by family members.
Please pray for these and others taking their first steps on the Christian path in these hostile

Islamic police question neighbors of BIEM national pastor to accuse him

One of our active former Muslims in Central Asia is Pastor Eagle. He has seen good spiritual fruit with souls turning to Christ. However, the local police are questioning all the neighbors about him in their efforts to find any accusation against him. Pray for him and his wife. Meanwhile, Pastor River has 5 groups to which he ministers. They baptized 10 people this past summer!

Read the full report in November’s BIEM’s of Light

New director of Russian orphanage hesitant to accept BIEM

In Otradnoye, Russia, Oleg Vladyko lists these needs: “We need to raise $1000 to finish the work on the sides of the building. Prayer for the orphanage ministry. We are meeting with the children outside of the compound in small groups since the new director is not ready to meet with us at this time.”

Read the full report in November’s BIEM’s of Light

BIEM makes initial delivery of Bibles to Arab Christians

BIEM is excited to have made an initial delivery of Bibles and related materials to former Muslims in order to assist them in evangelizing a particularly restrictive nation. (Forgive the vagueness; we’re being elusive for a reason.) May the Lord use His Word to save souls!

Read the full report in November’s BIEM’s of Light

Central Asian Pastor chased through street by angry Imam

A Pastor in Central Asia reports that on the way town they met the village Imam in the street. He grabbed a club, and five other men with clubs chased them through the village. Laughing, River said, “They wanted to beat us to death; they ran really fast, but we praise God, we ran even faster. They did not catch us.” This Imam is the same one who was very angry at his daughter for being arrested with believers a while back. River said his rage stems from the fact that his entire family has left Islam and trusted Christ and been baptized. He is the only one left in the family to repent. Please pray for this man to recognize Jesus as the Son of God and repent.

Read the full report in September’s BIEM’s of Light


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