Giving God the Glory


Giving God the Glory

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No one would’ve believed it…

Surely, villagers in the quaint Ukrainian settlement of Hlibiv couldn’t have imagined the future awaiting young Peter Slobodian. Not only was Peter born into one of their poorest families, but his father was a notorious trouble-maker, a “hooligan” as they called him. Peter’s parents were poorly educated, and he himself detested school. But God had astonishing plans for Peter…

The founder of Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries, Dr. Peter Slobodian, rose from this unlikely background. During his lifetime, he lived on three continents, learned multiple languages, and received several degrees in theology for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and planting churches. However, Peter never forgot his humble origin, and he never let scholastic achievement outshine his fervor for preaching salvation through Christ. And preach he did—including shortwave radio sermons to an audience of potentially millions behind the Iron Curtain. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, he repeatedly returned to his homeland and preached, resulting in countless more decisions for Christ. His legacy continues to this day.

An unlikely outcome for a poverty-stricken boy who hated school? Definitely. But God seems to delight in plucking people from obscure beginnings and molding them to accomplish unexpected things. Giving God the Glory is one such unforgettable story. May this biography continue to glorify God.


Giving God the Glory:

The Life of Peter Slobodian

Founder of Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries


Compiled and edited by Sam Slobodian and Rick Barry

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