Rick and Pam Barry


Rick Barry joined the staff of BIEM in October 2004. No newcomer to ministry in Russia and Ukraine, Rick labored for fifteen years at Russian Gospel Ministries. There he enjoyed ministering as an aide and interpreter for Russian pastor Georgi Vins. It was during those years that BIEM and Rick got acquainted with each other, and Rick coordinated the printing of some Russian-language books for both our missions. After Brother Vins passed away in 1998, Rick continued with RGM for several more years as Administrative Vice President. In this position, he was able to represent and advance that mission’s efforts both in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe. During a trip to Russia and Ukraine with BIEM president Sam Slobodian in October 2003, Rick felt the Holy Spirit’s urging to join BIEM full-time. And the Lord sent several confirmations that this was the right decision. In fact, even before Rick had expressed his desire to apply, Russian Pastor Peter Rumachik and other national church leaders concluded that it would be wonderful if the Lord should ever lead in that direction.

Rick has been blessed with opportunities to study the Russian language at Clemson and Indiana Universities, and he appreciates every opportunity to use his language skills while traveling and preaching in Russia and Ukraine. In his spare time, he also enjoys freelance writing both articles and fiction stories for a variety of publishers.

Rick completed his undergraduate work at Bob Jones University, where he also spent five years working at BJU Press as a project manager. It was at the university that he met his wife Pam. Pam, too, worked in the home office of Russian Gospel Ministries as bookkeeper. In addition to clerical work, she enjoys working with children and has years of experience teaching Bible lessons and missionary stories in after-school Bible clubs, backyard clubs, Sunday schools, and vacation Bible schools.

The Barrys have two grown children, Jessica and Josh.  Rick has also written 2 novels published by BJU Press:  Gunner's Run and Kiriath's Quest.

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