Vitek and Victoria Sychov


Vitek and Victoria Sychov have been working in a military base in Desna, Ukraine.  Their ministry on this once-secret military base was started as the result of an invitation for our church planters to pass out 10,000 Bibles to 10,000 soldiers.  Through this outreach, Bible and soccer clubs were started, and now Vitek and Victoria have started a permanent church.  The Rock of Salvation Baptist Church in Desna has now called a new pastor Igor Fomichov who was saved through the ministry and was called to preach.  The Sychovs are now starting a new ministry in the city of Chernigiv where they will be reaching out the college students and planting a church. The Lord also gave the Sychovs a daughter through Vitek's missionary work in the war-torn republic of Chechnya.  As an ethnic Chechen, Victoria had some open doors to this area, and Vitek was able to smuggle in clothing and Gospel literature provided by BIEM supporters, and to share the Gospel with local Muslims.  One day, Vitek and Victoria received a phone call from Chechnya, and the caller asked if they would like to adopt a child.  The parents were leaders in the Chechen army and were targeted by the Russian military.  Therefore neither parent could expect to live long, and they specifically wanted the child to be adopted by "good people."  Vitek and Victoria immediately accepted, and Vitek left right away to take the child the minute it was born.  Because the father wanted to see his daughter just once before she was given up to her foster parents, he was trying to sneak into the city as his wife was giving birth.  Tragically, he never made it.  With only a little way left to go, the father was caught and executed by the Russian army, never to see Karina before she was hastily smuggled out of the country.  Karina's mother did not escape an ambush when her group tried to leave the city, and was also killed.  Thus, both Karina's parents died within within a very short time after her birth.

The traumatic events surrounding her birth had left Karina with a mild form of cerebral palsy.  During the Sychovs' visit to the U. S. in October of 2002, Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia took on her case at no cost.  With their help, Karina has been able to take steps with the help of braces and a walker.   The Sychovs need funds to cover trips the U. S. twice a year for a couple months of therapy that cannot be done in Ukraine.

For more information on the Sychovs' ministry in Desna, please read our newsletter The Challenger Vol. 21 No. 2

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