Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The heart of the center

Reading the Scriptures is the core of the program. The Rehab Center keeps a schedule. The rehabilitants need to read the Bible three times a day: in the morning before breakfast, at lunch, and in the evening. In the evening they all as a group summarize the day as they talk about their victories, their problems, and temptations... Every time we pray. We don’t follow some special program; rather, our policy is a lot of God’s Word and prayer to put men in right relationships with the Lord.

Pastors of the rehab center

Three main men work with the rehabilitants. Our associate pastor, Igor, oversees the center’s ministry. He has walked with the Lord for seven years. Before his conversion he had a drug problem. He has opened his heart to people with addictions. Zhenya is one of the on-call supervisors. He and another man named Sergey take turns at the center 3.5 days a week. All rehabilitants are under their daily observation. Zhenya, too, was once a drug addict. He went through rehabilitation in Rivne, where he repented and was baptized. He serves the Lord with great desire. Looking at Sergey, I recall Jesus’ words that “to whom much is forgiven, the same loveth much.”Sergey was an alcoholic in the past. Because of his sin, he became homeless. He lost his relationship with his family. He was in the Rivne rehabilitation center. He loves the Lord with all of his heart and loves the Bible very much. If you meet him, you’ll probably talk on some text from the Bible. From the start, he liked to cook in the center. He has restored his relationships with his family. He’s strong and enjoys hard work.

Written by Vitaly Bilyak

Vitaly and Katerina Bilyak are Ukrainian national Missionaries to the western part of Ukraine in the city of Ternopil. They have three children, Karina and David and Mark.